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Notice of Commission Amount Increase from August 2024

From 1st August 2024, commission amount will be increased.

No Retake Commission*

Digital Date Only: JPY5,000 → JPY12,000

Original Drawing Delivery: JPY15,000 → JPY18,000

Retake-able Commission

Digital Date Only: JPY15,000 → JPY22,000

Original Drawing Delivery: JPY25,000 → JPY28,000

*Since it is impossible for Skeb to consult or discuss about request, I will set the recommended amount at JPY12,000 and the minimum amount at JPY8,000 for a while.

I use Dip Pen Nib for drawing. It's consumable item, and I use a lot of them for drawing delicate lines*. I've decided to revise commission amount in order to purchase them stably.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, I hope you will understand.

*Details of the use of Art Materials

Basically I use "Maru-pen nib by ZEBRA Pen Corporation", "Kent paper" and "Sumi Ink". On these, "Maru-pen nib" accounts for the largest percentage in terms of its price and usage amount. The price is about JPY100 per 1 nib, and I use more than a dozen of them to draw one illustration. When I draw bigger works, the consumption will be higher.

It would be nice if I could buy a lot of them and make a stock, but it's difficult to buy many at once, because the price of a pack of 100 nibs is about JPY10,000, and I consume nearly all of them in about one month to one and a half months.

The reason why I use so many nibs is, because they are consumable item. Even if a fine line is drawn at first, the feel of drawing changes as it's used, and finally only a thick line can be drawn, or the ink flow is interrupted. When these things happen, the nib must be replaced with a new one. Some "new" nibs can only draw thick lines or ink breaks happen from the start.

I myself am still in the process of improving my skills and devising new ways to draw, but the consumption and replacement of nibs is inevitable, and I'm in a situation where on the edge of replacing nibs and constantly concerned about the amount of their remaining.

This is why I've decided to raise the commission prices, in order to create an environment where I can continue to purchase them stably.

Certainly, now there are products such as pens that can draw thin & delicate lines, so it may be a good idea to try a different art materials.

However, I myself love dipping pens, and I'd like to support the manufacturer. 

Rather than reducing the consumption or changing art materials, I want to continue to use them with love.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.


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